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Visualising the Late Antique City

I've been working on a project with the University of Kent which aims to visualise Late Antiquity from 300 – 650AD. So far I've created three reconstructions based around the city of Ostia, the port of Rome. They're all based around the same date in November 387AD and form part of a narrative based on the writing of Augustine. The work was completed using 3DS Max and zBrush.

View looking west along the Decumanus with early morning deliveries, boys going to school and a funeral procession

View looking over the Macellum in Ostia, with the selling of pork beneath the portico and a sausage stall in the foreground. The Decumanus is visible through the facade.

Morning sacrifice (incense) at a temple to the Dea Roma within the Paleastra Forum Baths

You can find more details on their website here

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