Reconstruction of Duccio's Maesta for the National Gallery

I was asked by the National Gallery to produce a reconstruction of the altarpiece for Duccio di Buoninsegna's Maestà. The original painting was a large (about five metres tall) depiction of the Madonna and Child surrounded by saints on one side with scenes from the lives of Jesus and the Virgin Mary on the reverse.
I was supplied with the low resolution images of the various panels (some are still missing after the original was cut up in the early 18th century & dispersed). I then worked with the author of the catalogue to produce this reconstruction based on their advice and clues left behind of the frame on the various panels. I also used examples of surviving altarpieces to help produce both a front and back view of how the Maestà might have looked. It was drawn in Adobe Illustrator.
The catalogue has been written by Dillian Gordon and is 'The Italian Paintings before 1400'.
You can see the introductory section of this new volume in the series of National Gallery Catalogues, together with the list of works and changed attributions, now available online, free to download, together with two entries: Duccio, NG566, and Master of the Albertini, NG565.
Click here for a link to the National Gallery website.


Salisbury Cathedral Magna Carta Display


I've recently finished a job for Salisbury Cathedral which required designs for a new series of four exhibiton 'wedges' and vinyls to cover the Magna Carta display case.
The Magna Carta display case is made up of a series of uniquely shaped boards and has been in the Chapter House for some time. The decision was made to breathe new life into the boards by covering all the exisiting sides with vinyls following the same design style to the wedges positioned around the rest of the room.
The front of the newly covered Magna Carta display caseThe backgrounds feature blown up text from the Magna Carta fading from top to bottom, over which quotes and other text was positioned.
The Magna Carta caseThe designs were also emplaced around the exisiting case for the Magna Carta (including a no photography sign!)
There are four wedges in the room, featuring a background and history of the Magna Carta. I provided the designs for these and some original material including a feudal diagram of 13th century society.
Two of the 'wedges' within the Chapter House

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